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Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Working Group

The purpose of the TLA Working Group (TLA WG) is to foster coordination and collaboration across the TLA community of interest to build a cohesive strategy for managing learning data and enabling the future learning ecosystem. It brings together industry, academia, and government stakeholders across different learning communities to help define and refine overall TLA requirements, identify candidate standards and specifications, and promote data interoperability across organizations, systems, and activities that impact learning. The Working Group membership includes practitioners, technologists, content developers, and other experts that provide insight into the different focus areas that comprise the TLA including:

  • Adaptive instructional systems (recommendation engines, AI-driven tutors, etc., that interact with learners)
  • Learner Analytics (dashboards, analytics engines, early-warning systems, data visualization)
  • Competency Based Learning (competency management systems, learner skills profiles, certificates)
  • Universal Learner Records (records systems, learner controlled profiles, data portability, transcripts)
  • Learning Activity Metadata (stand-alone and cloud-based learning activities)
  • Learning Science (instructional validity for new learning tools and technologies)
  • Implementation and Adoption (incremental adoption of different TLA systems)
  • Learner data cybersecurity and protection of PII

To be implemented at scale, the Working Group reviews the technical considerations for each focus area, tests and evaluates interoperability specifications, discusses alternatives, and builds consensus to help foster adoption of the TLA. The TLA WG meets monthly; however, the various sub groups meet more frequently based on the specific challenges identified within each focus area.

Date Started: June 2019

Meeting Schedule: The third Thursday of each month from 1000-1200 EST. For information regarding attending meetings, contact Avron Barr (Institute for Defense Analyses).

Subcommittee Schedule:

  • Universal Learner Record
  • Competency Management
  • Content and Activity Metadata
    • Yihua Liu, Acting Chair
    • Third Friday of each month, 1100 EST
  • Identity Management, PII, and Cybersecurity
    • Jerry Gordon, Acting Chair
    • Every Other Wednesday, 1100 EST
  • xAPI Profile for DoD